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Physical Coaching Academy educates, certifies and guides the (future) sports and health professional you aspire to be. PCA offers you all the keys to personalize your educational path and to boost your career.

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Program Design, Assessment, Corrective Exercise and Strength Training strategies. Individual or group coaching, with clients or athletes. Advanced modules for top-notch coaches.

One-day workshops, dedicated to a specific tool, a sport discipline or a specific target group. Diversify your activities with these fun and effective courses.

Performance, Rehabilitation, Weight-Loss and and group training: by choosing one of our 4 specializations, you have all the expertise you need to stand out in a growing market. And you'll thrive in a field and with an audience you're passionate about. All at advantageous prices.

We offer 4 trajectories, each one consists of multiple training courses and workshops that you can complete at your own pace. Once fully completed you will earn a certificate of specialization.

Sports Performance

Functional Rehabilitation

Body Transformation

Small Group


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What our students and members say about us.

Jalal Ayouch

I choose NASM because it is a complete training method, based on scientific studies that allows you to have the knowledge to coach anyone.

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Florian Pillin

It brought me the freedom of finally setting up my own personal training business by becoming a licensed Personal Trainer.

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Malik Akhmedov

I chose PCA because I heard a lot of people talking about it in a positive way. I realised that it's the best PT education you can find in Belgium so I didn't hesitate.

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Mounji Idjouadienne

Despite the price, PCA is the best training institute on the market. I like that they propose continuous education with the advanced modules.

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Axelle Wouters

I was looking for an International and official recognition, which brought me to PCA.

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Kevin Lukarski

If you doubt if you can get a job as a Personal Trainer after your NASM certification, you shouldn’t.

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