A little bit about us,
and a whole lot about you.

Physical Coaching Academy, or PCA:
a brief history

A trained sales engineer and triathlete, Fabrice Williquet wanted to feel more fulfilled in his career by combining his two passions: personal development and sports. And so, Physical Coaching Academy was born, an education provider for the sports and health professionals of the future. Fabrice's objective in creating PCA was to professionalise careers in the sports industry.

But how, exactly?

First, by introducing into Europe internationally recognised education programmes such as NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine) and Precision Nutrition, and secondly, by offering a holistic and theory-based approach with practical applications.

Today, PCA offers a comprehensive and flexible portfolio of courses, tailored to cater to the unique requirements of coaches, their clients and the market.

Physical Coaching Academy has already trained several hundreds of professionals and certified no fewer than 1000 Personal Trainers. It’s one of the benchmark physical training organizations in Europe.

Our aim:
to help you become
the professional you aspire to be.

Where are you at currently? You'd like to become a coach, retrain and change your life. Or perhaps you're already a coach and are looking for further or specialist education. Maybe you're a physio or sports trainer looking to diversify or specialise. We all have our own unique goals and aspirations.

That's why we're inviting you to sing up for a fully bespoke education programme, and become the professional you want to be.

The PCA spirit:
training excellent professionals,
close to their clients.

Every client is unique. From elite athletes to amateurs, and anyone who wants to get in shape, adopt a healthier lifestyle or simply feel better: our clients all have different goals. And today, their needs are increasingly specific and varied. More than anything, clients want to be listened to and understood. They're counting on their coach's professional and interpersonal skills to help them reach their goals.

Since this profession is unregulated, levels of qualification among Personal Trainers and coaches vary considerably. And that's what makes Physical Coaching Academy special: we offer only the highest-level education, so that whichever programme you choose, you'll be an accomplished professional on completion. Coach like a pro.

Coach Like a Pro

Sports Coaching and Personal Training:
diverse professions,
in constant flux.

Personal Trainer, coach, nutritional coach, sports trainer… jobs in the health and fitness industry come in many guises and are performed in numerous establishments: at the gym, a physio clinic or Personal Training centre, within a company, at home or online. That's why Physical Coaching Academy offers education programmes, workshops and specialisations with a range of content, lengths and price points.

This allows you to pick the (further) education which best matches your goals and to study at your own pace to achieve the life and career of your dreams, doing what you love.

Given the growing demand for professional coaches and Personal Trainers, Physical Coaching Academy sets you up for career success.

Today and tomorrow.

Why train with us?

We offer a complete range of high-quality education in the health and fitness industry.

We offer various specialisations for those who wish to follow a specific path and stand out from the competition.

We support your career success, in particular by connecting you with leading industry recruiters.

We seek to inspire you: every Wednesday, you can watch an interview with a coach trained by PCA who will discuss, among other things, what really motivates them in their work.

We track market trends and developments so as to be able to continually enhance our education provision.

We manage the PCA Community: sharing knowledge and experiences that boost our industry and your future.

We work exclusively with high-quality partners, who are well known in the sector.