NASMᵀᴹ CES (online)

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CEU's 1.9

As a recognised expert in movement and corrective exercise, you can give a whole new dimension to the way you help your clients. You can significantly reduce the risk of injury and, above all, optimise the quality of life of your clients. By adding  another (strong) string to your bow, you can take your business to another level.

You learn to assess clients in a completely new way: you switch from a general assessment to a specific, in-depth assessment. You will be able to identify movement compensations and the priority measures to be applied, discern which parts of the body needs special attention and design effective and targeted training programs.

By specialising in corrective exercise with NASM™ CES, you help your clients move better and live better. And you can boost your revenue at the same time. 

Master the science of movement, targeted assessments and corrective exercises.

  • Be trained in in-depth and targeted assessment techniques.
  • Reduce the risk of injury.
  • Fine tune your assessments, by zones, to identify body parts that need special attention.
  • Identify movement compensations to design specific and effective training programs.
  • Practise effective rehabilitation strategies.
  • Acquire new tools to brush up your communication.

Module 1 : Introduction to corrective exercises

  • The importance of corrective exercises
  • Science of movement and corrective exercises: relationship between functional anatomy, the human movement system and optimal movement. Integration into an overall corrective exercise strategy

Module 2 : Corrective exercise techniques

  • Inhibition techniques: appropriate strategies based on the assessment result
  • Stretching techniques: understanding and implementing flexibility training
  • Activation techniques: guidelines, precautions and contraindications of isolated strengthening exercises
  • Integration techniques: the importance of integrated dynamic movement and its use for performance purposes

Module 3 : Assessment

  • Client intake and assessment to create a targeted program to meet their needs
  • Static assessment: first step in the assessment of overall body alignment
  • Dynamic assessment: choosing the most relevant and focused assessment protocol
  • Mobility assessment: perfecting the assessment process according to mobility criteria

Module 4 : Programming strategies

  • Corrective strategies for the foot and ankle: analysis of the vital function of this body part in the kinetic chain
  • Corrective strategies for the knee: basic anatomy, analysis of faulty muscle activation patterns, corrective strategies and exercises
  • Corrective strategies for the lumbopelvic-hip complex: importance of this structure, corrective exercises for safe and effective movement
  • Corrective strategies for the thoracic spine and shoulder: anatomy, mechanisms of common injuries, influence of altered thoracic spine movements on the kinetic chain, etc.
  • Corrective strategies for the wrist and elbow: study of the complex interaction between the wrist and elbow
  • Corrective strategies for the cervical spine: anatomy, systematic assessment strategies, strategies for common injuries
  • Stress and energy management: recovery strategies to return to optimal performance.
  • Corrective exercise strategies for everyday life: implementation of remedial exercises in a variety of scenarios and environments for clients with different goals.

Training materials 

The following materials are available to participants:

  • 100% online training, in English
  • Innovative and user-friendly online education portal 
  • 51 videos
  • Coaching demonstrations
  • Advanced video animations
  • Quiz
  • Online exam
  • 1 year access


Teaching culminates in one theoretical exam. 

The final exam is administered online in the education portal. It consists of 100 multiple choice questions, to be completed in a maximum of 90 minutes. A score of 70% is required to certify the completion of the course. Three attempts at the exam are included in the price of the course.


After successfully completing the multiple choice questionnaire, you will find the "NASM™ Corrective Exercise Specialist certificate" on your NASM™ account.

Enrolment criteria

To participate in the course, you must be at least 18 years old and hold a NASM™ Certified Personal Trainer (or equivalent) certification. 

Payment in 4 installments at no additional cost

You have the option to pay for the course in 4 monthly installments. The first payment of €151.00 is due at the time of ordering, and the remaining 3 installments of €148.00 each will be automatically debited by the payment service approximately 30 days apart.

An invoice with the total amount of the course will be issued, and you can choose the option 'I pay my order in 4 monthly installments’ after accepting our general terms and conditions. Once the order is placed, the estimated dates of debits will be available on your personal dashboard.


Don't hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Conditions of participation

To participate in the course, you must be at least 18 years old and hold a NASM™ Certified Personal Trainer (or equivalent) certification.

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