Physical Trainer

Type Course
Duration 5 days

Looking to embark on or fast-track a career in the health and fitness industry? Get off to the best start and gain a recognized qualification when you enrol on our Physical Trainer program.

Our Physical Trainer program is designed to help you embark on or advance your career, and to gain a qualification if you're already a working professional. You'll also get access to complementary education programs. Off to a flying start…

Once you've gained your Physical Coaching Academy qualification, we'll automatically enter you in the EREPS (European Register of Exercise Professionals) register. EREPS is recognized by EuropeActive (the European Health and Fitness Association). 

Looking to advance your knowledge? You must have completed the Physical Trainer course in order to be eligible for the NASM™ Certified Personal Trainer module (unless you have an EREPS level 3 qualification or equivalent).

To understand basic anatomy, physiology, biomechanics and physical training.

Teaching covers the following topics:

  • Functional anatomy
  • Biomechanics
  • Exercise physiology
  • Training principles and methods
  • Nutrition and sport
  • The psychosocial aspects of health and fitness

This course will fully prepare you to progress to the NASM™ Personal Trainer qualification.

Lessons and exams

  • The course spans 6 weeks (1.5 months)
  • 5 days of lessons, alternating between theory and practical sessions
  • 1 exam day (written and oral)

Teaching days are organized so that every participant has sufficient time to absorb the theory and put it into practice.


  • Supervised 15-hour internship at a fitness center.
  • 15 hours of training recorded by the student in a logbook

Day 1 teaching

  • Introduction
  • Skeletal anatomy
  • Joint anatomy
  • Terminology of movements
  • Planes and axes of movement
  • Muscular system
  • Postural deviations and assessment
  • Stretching

Day 2 teaching

  • Functional anatomy of the muscles:
    • The abdominal muscles
    • Back
    • Chest and shoulder
    • Arms
    • Lower limbs
  • Core Training:
    • Functions
    • Tests
    • Exercises

Day 3 teaching

  • Biomechanics
  • Resistance training
  • Resistance training (free weights)
  • Injuries

Day 4 teaching

  • Physiological basics of training
  • Assessing cardiovascular endurance
  • Training and cardiovascular endurance
  • Sport and nutrition:
    • Nutritional hierarchy
    • Macronutrients
    • Micronutrients

Day 5 teaching

  • Training basics
  • Recovery, overload, overtraining
  • Program Design
  • Communication and motivation
  • Professionalism, code of conduct, ethics, national standards and directives
  • Designing a training program


The 30-hour internship breaks down as follows:

  • At least 15 hours in a fitness centre (supervised by an instructor qualified to at least EREPS level 3 or equivalent). 

The internship offers students an opportunity to observe a Fitness Instructor at work and to participate in various tasks. 

Students learn how to introduce clients to the equipment and support them during their training session. They will also become familiar with how to design and explain a training program. This helps them to assist with the smooth running of the centre. They will help open and close the venue. They will answer the phone, schedule appointments and register new clients. Finally, they will help inspect and clean the equipment, and ensure the centre is kept tidy.

Once the 15 hours have been completed, the supervising instructor will carry out an assessment of the knowledge acquired during the internship. You have a maximum period of 6 months from the last day of the course to send us all the documents regarding your internship, otherwise you will be considered to have failed.

  • 15 hours of training to be recorded in a logbook.


Teaching culminates in a written exam and an oral exam, in addition to a practical assessment carried out by the supervising instructor.

Written exam

50 multiple-choice questions (60 minutes). To pass, students must score at least 80%.

Oral exam

To prepare for the exam, you'll be asked to design 2 training programs for an imaginary client. On the day of the oral exam, you'll bring along the 2 programs you've designed and your logbook. The examiner will question you on all of these documents. To pass, students must score at least 50%.

Practical assessment

Included in the 15-hour internship at a fitness centre: train a client during a coaching session.

Pass criteria

In order to gain the qualification, you must pass all components: written exam, oral exam and practical assessment. 

A student who fails an exam may retake the exam once, at no extra cost. In any event, you have a period of 6 months from the final day of the course in which to sit your exams, after which point you will be deemed to have failed.


Once you pass your exams and assessment, you'll be awarded the Physical Trainer qualification, and automatically be entered into the EREPS register (level 3).

An asset for you and your clients: first-aid certification

As a health professional, you're no doubt keen to have the knowledge and instincts you need to be able to help your clients, especially in the event of a heart attack. That's why we strongly encourage our students to undertake training in cardiopulmonary resuscitation and in how to operate a defibrillator, by completing our CPR/AED course. Plus, this qualification is a real asset for your CV.


You must be at least 18 to sit the exams.

Payment in 4 installments at no additional cost

You have the option to pay for the course in 4 monthly installments. The first payment of €376.00 is due at the time of ordering, and the remaining 3 installments of €373.00 each will be automatically debited by the payment service approximately 30 days apart.

An invoice with the total amount of the course will be issued, and you can choose the option 'I pay my order in 4 monthly installments’ after accepting our general terms and conditions. Once the order is placed, the estimated dates of debits will be available on your personal dashboard.


The Walloon Region offers financial support for this program.

Chèques formation 

  • Intended for the self-employed/SMEs in the Walloon Region.
  • €15 (inc. VAT) funded by the Region per hour of teaching. You can use chèques formation up to € 525 (35 vouchers) to pay for this course.


Lessons take place between 9.00 and 16.30.

Physical Trainer Summer School

Over summer, you'll also have the opportunity to take part in the Physical Trainer Summer School and gain your qualification in under 3 weeks.


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Conditions of participation

You must be at least 18 to sit the exams.

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