Meet the Personal Trainer: Mounji Idjouadienne

By Paulien van Embden | 23 Mar 2022 | Testimonials

1. Can you introduce yourself? 

Hello, my name is Mounji (@mounji_idj), 31 years old and living in Brussels. I am working as a Personal Trainer since 2018. I started my career in a completely different sector at the age of 18 years old, namely the catering business. During 7 years I did different kind of jobs. I was, among other, responsible for the café ‘Des Halles’ in Brussels. The best thing that happened to me is that I got fired from my last job. Thanks to that, I took the step to start my career as a Personal Trainer and I have never regretted.

I can describe myself as a dynamic, comprehensive and demanding person, for myself and for others. While coaching I give more importance to the technique than the performance because I consider than you can only achieve one by having the other. I give 1 to 1 Personal Training, Small Group coaching (indoor & outdoor) at home or at the gym (JIMS Fitness Louise) and the sanitary crisis led me to adapt and answer to new demands like online coaching which adds another string to my bow. Besides my NASM CPT certification, I am UEFA B Certified. I am the football coach of the first women's team in Tubize (les Tubiziennes). I have a passion for CrossFit that I now practice for pleasure.

2. Why did you choose PCA for your education ?

At the beginning I chose PCA because, despite the price, it is the best training institute on the market.

I like it that they propose continuous education with the advanced modules. I think that it is important for a coach to keep learning. I followed the Small Group Training Design course and the Kettlebell workshop.

3. What did the NASM accreditation bring you ?

This accreditation brought me credibility towards my clients and confidence during my coaching sessions. My confidence has grown because during the courses I learned from trainers with a lot of experience who pushed me to go further and get the best out of myself.

4. What is your specialization ?

According to me, no specialization is the best specialization you can have. Indeed, my mantra is to answer to the largest demand my competences allow me to. By working with me as a coach, I commit myself to increase the performances of my clients and to improve the quality of their life.

5. What is the coolest exercise you like to do with your clients and why ?

There is no better exercise than the deadlift for three reasons : it increases the physical part, it creates mental strength and it is a complete exercise with lots of alternatives in order that every client can find the best way to realise it.

6. What is the most fulfilling part in coaching others ?

I make a real distinction between hearing results from the client and seeing results on the client’s shape. The most importance thing for me is acknowledging the impact of doing sport or sport performance but, above all, the impact on the client’s daily life.                           

7. What is your favorite quote ?

 “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger.” 

About the author: Paulien van Embden

PCA Co-owner, Director