Meet the Personal Trainer: Alice Dumont

By Paulien van Embden | 07 Jun 2021 | Testimonials

1. Can you introduce yourself ? 

Hi, I am Alice Dumont (@alicedmt), 26 years old and I am a physiotherapist since 2016. I did my studies in physiotherapy in Brussels and I am a NASM Certified Personal Trainer since the beginning of 2018. I am currently working at a private physiotherapy practice in Ham-sur-Heure (province of Hainaut). I have also been working for 2 years as a physiotherapist for the first division rugby female team of BRC (Boitsfort Rugby Club). 

In my spare time, I play tennis and do fitness at home. Because of my work schedules, I don't have time to practice a team sport or a sport that requires too much time.

2. Why did you choose PCA for your education ?

I have chosen PCA for the quality of their courses and the professionalism and expertise of the their staff and trainers.  

3. What did the NASM accreditation bring you ?

The NASM accreditation brings me rigor and structure in each treatments. The course is very well structured, we learn to follow a very specific protocol. I speak of rigor and structure because the lessons taught me to follow a very specific coaching method throughout a session, which I did not necessarily do before. My sessions are more structured and my exercises more precise.

4. What is your specialization ?

I am specialized in sport and respiratory physiotherapy but I practice general physiotherapy the most. 

5. What is the coolest exercise you like to do with your clients and why ?

My favorite exercises are proprioceptive exercises. Proprioception is sometimes forgotten, but it will help to optimize a person's abilities (whether this person is an athlete or not). For example, with a balance board.

6. What is the most fulfilling part in coaching others ?

It is to be able to adjust each exercise according to the patient to provide an optimal follow-up.                             

7. What is your favorite quote ?

“If you aren’t going all the way, why go at all?” 

About the author: Paulien van Embden

PCA Co-owner, Director