Education allowance


In the Joint Committee 314 (hairdressing, fitness and beauty care), workers who follow recognized courses are financially rewarded through the education allowance. This is an allowance that workers receive because they are motivated to educate further and learn continuously. For each course attended, workers receive an actual sum of money : the « training allowance ».

Who is eligible for a « education allowance » ?

All workers of the Joint Committee 314 (hairdressing, fitness, beauty care).

How much is the « education allowance » ?

The amount of the « educaion allowance » depends on the length of the course.

For a full day course (minimum 6 hours of course), the amount of the « education allowance » is € 75,- gross. The maximum amount of compensation that the employee can receive per calendar year is € 750,- gross.

How do I get a « education allowance » ?

In order to receive the « education allowance », the applicant must register his/her attendance at the course and fill in the details requested on the attendance list (name + national registration number + IBAN and BIC code + signature).

Payment of the « education allowance » will be made in the second half of the month following the month in which the course was completed.

More information

Find more information about the « education allowance » on the Funds for Subsistence Security CP314 website.

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