Meet the Personal Trainer: Tinne Raeymaekers

By Paulien van Embden | 25 Jun 2021 | Testimonials

1. Can you introduce yourself ? 

My name is Tinne (@tinne.raeymaekers), I am a Personal Trainer and owner of a Personal Training studio Vigor (@vigor.antwerp) together with (@vincent.crols) in the south of Antwerp. We have been active as Personal Trainers for 7 years now. First we started giving small group trainings and after we finished our NASM course, we decided to make the step towards Personal Training. After working as Personal Trainers at Basic Fit, we both felt we could do more. We wanted to offer an even better service and since we are ambitious people we really wanted to start our own business. So almost 4 years ago we took an even bigger step and opened our own studio Vigor Antwerp.

I am someone who is always excited about helping other people and to make them feel stronger both mentally and physically. For me being a Personal Trainer is the best job in the world! Next to that, working out and keeping track of my own food has been a challenge, but one I have never been afraid to face. I believe it is important to show people that it is possible if you just try to put yourself first. And with putting yourself first I don’t just mean it towards other people, but also put yourself above your excuses and that little voice in your head that is telling you it is not worth it, you’re not worth it… Cause I genuinely believe that everyone is worth everything. 

This is also the message I try to bring out to the world through my Instagram page: positive vibes only, but also reflect the reality of life and facing difficulties.

2. Why did you choose PCA for your education ?

I heard lots of good things about PCA. I read some really good reviews and I liked the workshops and educations it offers. 

3. What did the NASM accreditation bring you ?

I found it to be a really good starting point to how I could train my clients. Before we did the NASM course, we only gave small group training. Not that we thought we wouldn’t be able to succeed in personal training, but both Vincent and I think it is so important to give your clients good quality. We learned more about the human body, training and nutrition during the NASM course which is important to understand when you train people. Besides the NASM course we added the Program Design and Program in Hypertrophy course and some other really cool workshops at PCA, it felt like this was exactly what we needed.

4. What is your specialization ?

Strength training to improve people’s physique. I think a person’s mind is the most important thing. When you doubt about yourself, you are not feeling well, you feel ‘unworthy’, you feel bad in your skin,… It will all show in your posture, your movements, the way you act towards yourself and other people,… 

That is why we focus on strength training. It is crazy to see how some people come in with such low self-esteem, they think they can’t do anything and they just come to train with us initially to lose some weight. But then they realize they can actually talk to us, we believe in them and we repeatedly tell them to go after their dreams, that they are amazing people, that they are strong. NOT to make them believe in fairy tales, but because we actually do believe in them. And when they are able to lift that extra kg in their deadlift, they are willing to finally drink some more water, they are finally able to do a pull up,… You can see they start believing this too. And that is magical.

5. What is the coolest exercise you like to do with your clients and why ?

Pull ups. It is a great movement where you have to use the entire body and it makes the clients feel so great once they are able to do a (or a couple) pull up(s).

6. What is the most fulfilling part in coaching others ?

The fact that you see them outgrow themselves. You can watch them turn into these strong, confident people who stand up for themselves and what they believe in.                             

7. What is your favorite quote ?

"Be happy for this moment. This moment is your life." 

About the author: Paulien van Embden

PCA Co-owner, Director