Meet the Personal Trainer: Elfje Willemsen

By Paulien van Embden | 15 Sep 2020 | Testimonials

1. Can you introduce yourself ? 

My name is Elfje, professional bobsled athlete for 10 years until 2018 (3 x Olympic bobsled athlete, Vice European Champion, 4 x Silver Worldcup). After my professional career as an athlete I made the switch to coaching. I went for the big jump and started my own company Move Yourself (@moveyours11) straight away.

2. Why did you choose PCA for your education ?

I really wanted to get the NASM, since it is internationally recognized. PCA is the only 

Academy who offers this education in Belgium, so I started educating myself with them. Since I started at PCA, I learned so much about their education programs and specializations. I will continue educating myself as much as possible.

3. What did the NASM accreditation bring you ?

NASM gave me more confidence in coaching. 20 years of high level sports learns you a lot about training and programming, but it was nice to have it confirmed on the scientific and practical side as well.

4. What is your specialization ?

My specialization is in the name of my company: Just Move Yourself. It does not have to be fancy or crazy. Just do it. I mostly work with people who never did sports before and finally want to change their lifestyle. Also post-revalidation has my interest, as a lot of my clients get 9 treatments at the physio and then they are “ready to start training again”. I want to help them further and give them confidence again in their body.

5. What is the coolest exercise you like to do with your clients and why ?

I love the ‘deadbug’. Very underestimated and functional exercise regarding body control and core. My other favorite is single leg Romanian deadlift, which triggers not only the posterior chain, but also balance, body awareness and flexibility.

6. What is the most fulfilling part in coaching others ?

Most fulfilling part is to have people who finally realize that sports does not have to be a sacrifice, but also can be fun. Learn them more about their own body and give them the confidence that they are stronger than they think!

7. What is your favorite quote ?

“An active mind cannot exist in an inactive body.” This one is also one of my favorites: “Complaining does not help. Leave the situation, change the situation or accept it.”

About the author: Paulien van Embden

PCA Co-owner, Director