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Physical Coaching Academy offers a comprehensive training portfolio for Personal Trainers, fitness trainers, sports coaches and anyone who wants to build a successful career in the sports and health sector.

Our courses are certified and based on the internationally recognized model developed by NASM (National Academy of Sports Medicine).

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Essentials of Personal Training

Essential training program to get started as a Personal Trainer and to optimally support your customers in achieving their goals

Advanced Modules

Modules that go deeper into certain topics and refine your knowledge and skills

Specific Workshops

One-day interactive and practical workshops that focus on a specific tool, sport or target group

Preparatory training

Discover the basics of physical training and start your new career as a Personal Trainer

NASM Personal Trainer

Become EREPS Certified Personal Trainer and enjoy a globally renowned diploma

Sales & Marketing

Boost your own business and increase your turnover by developing your commercial skills

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Through this search engine you can consult our database of professionals and thus make use of the services of a Personal Trainer who has been trained and certified by our academy.

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