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Mike Fantigrassi - NASM Master Instructor - 3 days training in Belgium [ENG]

  • 08 décembre 2017 dans Actualités de l'Académie

At the Physical Coaching Academy, #neverstoplearning is not only a statement but a philosophy that we apply every single day. During the last 6 years, more than 300 Personal Trainers succeeded their NASM CPT International Certification and Ereps Level 4. Following a massive demand from our community, we will be launching the NASM CES (Corrective Exercise Specialist) and PES (Performance enhancement Specialist) courses in 2018.

In order to master the content of both courses, we have had the pleasure and honor to invite Mike Fantigrassi  (NASM Master Instructor) to come over to Belgium for a 2 days advanced workshop with our team of teachers.

Following those 2 days, 12 NASM Certified Personal Trainers took the opportunity to attend an interactive workshop with Mike. During this workshop, the following topics were addressed:

- Corrective Exercise-Take Your Skills to the Next Level;

- Fast Fat Loss-Integrating Nutrition and Exercise to Maximize Fat Loss;

- Performance Training-Taking Your Clients to the Next Level.

In this video, Mike shares his first experience in Europe with Belgian Trainers and explains how the CES and PES workshops fit in the OPT model and in the NASM philosophy.

We would like to thank Mike for the time and energy he spent sharing his experience with us and getting our teachers up to the next level.

We would also like to congratulate all PCA teachers that succeeded the CES and PES exams.

We look forward to sharing this expertise with all of you as of next year and continue professionalizing the Health and Fitness sector in Belgium and in Europe.

Stay tuned!


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