Online Personal Trainer

Type Course
Duration 13 days
CEU's 1.9

Want to know how to grow your business and boost your income, without it eating into your time? With a program that your clients can follow independently. And practical tools to help you develop a successful online business.

You’ll learn how to create a high-quality coaching program that your clients can follow independently online, wherever and whenever they like: at home, indoors or on holiday, for example. 

You’ll also learn how to make smart use of this program: how to market it and increase visibility, what price to attach to it, how to find clients.

Thanks to the Online Personal Trainer concept, your clients can enjoy their freedom… and you too. It’s a win-win.

Get everything you need to set up a solid online business.

  • Learn the method for designing a high-quality online program. 
  • Find out how to market and promote it in a professional manner.
  • Be able to monetize your online business immediately. A unique and invaluable asset.
  • Get help with your launch: during the course, we’ll present a proven marketing strategy to help you gain 5–10 new clients. 85% of our student Personal Trainers go on to sign more than 5 clients.
  • Warranty: the teacher guarantees that you will at least get your investment back during the course. If not, you can enjoy free coaching until these conditions are met. This rule is valid only if the student correctly follows the course guidelines. These are shared very transparently in the first module of the course.

Lessons and exams

  • The course spans 12 weeks (3 months) 
  • Online and classroom-based lessons
  • 12 hours of online group lessons (60 to 90 minutes per week)
  • 3 hours of classroom-based lessons, including the final exam
  • Video lessons available (around 10 hours)
  • 1:1 call with the teacher each 4 weeks

Teaching days are organised so that every participant has sufficient time to absorb the theory and put it into practice.

Week 1 to 3 – Designing your basic service

  • Identify your ideal client.
  • Understand the importance of having a target group and learn how to define one. 
  • Confirm that there is market demand for your product based on target market research.
  • Design an online program tailored to the needs of your ideal client. 
  • Learn how to present your program as a complete online coaching package and how to establish a price.

Weeks 4 to 6 – Online business basics

  • Presentation of 3 sales models for a Personal Trainer. Decide which suits you. 
  • Define your USP (Unique Selling Proposition): what sets you apart from the competition and enables you to satisfy your ideal client’s expectations.  
  • Design a solid structure for your business and for your business growth based on the 9 elements of the Business Model Canvas.
  • Based on a business plan, learn how to master the numbers (income and expenditure). 

Weeks 7 to 10 – Online coaching framework

  • Nail your pricing: this is one of the keys to success. 
  • Manage your diary, without getting overwhelmed.
  • Learn how to use the software that will allow you to provide a premium service to your clients.
  • Be able to perform a high-quality client assessment online.
  • Know how to present your online program to your clients and explain everything they need to know.

Weeks 11 to 12 – Market your approach

  • Convince your ideal client using online channels (website, social media,etc.). 
  • Plan of attack to gain 5 to 10 new clients online using your existing network (without paid advertising).
  • Presentation of the 3 phases of the client journey, allowing you to offer your services at the right time.
  • Optimising your social media.

Week 12 – Classroom-based lessons and exam

2 days of group work and 1 exam day.

  • Days 1 + 2 : 
    • Discussions on the individual work completed over the 12 weeks, in small groups with the tutor's feedback.
    • Q&A with the tutor.
    • You will be fine-tuning your program on these days.
  • Days 3 : 
    • Oral exam: present your program.

Teaching materials

  • Online teaching session every week, on Monday at 19.00. These 60–90-minute sessions are recorded so you can re-watch them whenever you wish.
  • Access to the online learning platform: teaching videos to complement the online sessions.
  • Downloadable documents to help with your weekly learning.
  • Weekly tutor feedback (by e-mail). You can submit completed assignments once a week (Thursdays before 16.00). Your tutor will provide feedback on the Friday. Invaluable support to help you hone your knowledge and fine-tune your program.



Ongoing assessment by the tutor throughout the course: the student’s online participation counts towards their final score.

Oral exam

The oral exam takes place on the third day of classroom-based teaching. Students have 30 minutes to complete the exam. You will present your new online program and your business. You will be given clear instructions and a model exam as an example. 

Pass criteria

You must pass the assessment and score at least 80% in the oral exam.


On passing your exams and the assessment, you’ll receive an "Online Personal Trainer" qualification.

Enrollment criteria

You must be at least 18 years old to sit the exams.


The Flemish Region offers financial support for this program.

KMO portefeuille 

  • Intended for the self-employed/SMEs in the Flemish Region. 
  • Voucher for 30% off the cost of the program, excl. of VAT. 

We would like to draw your attention to the fact that, following a reform of the 'KMO portefeuille' system, courses aimed at developing technical knowledge and skills to work in the sports and fitness sector (fitness instructor, Personal Trainer...) are no longer eligible for subsidies. We regret this decision, which was made independently of our will. If it turns out, after verification, that certain courses meet the criteria, we will inform you.


Online lessons: 60 to 90 min. lesson on Monday evening

Classroom-based teaching: from 9.00 to 17.00


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Due to the logistical organization, we kindly request you to ideally register for a course at least 2 weeks prior to the start date.

Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

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Conditions of participation

You must be at least 18 years old to sit the exams.

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