Special Pack - 2

Our pack for those who want to stand out and reach 3 target audiences: mum-to-be during her pregnancy and after birth, senior citizens and people who suffer from back pain.

Pre & Post Natal – Approach a holistic method which allows you to train your female clients completely safe during her pregnancy and after birth. Pre- and post-natal training which delivers excellent results in terms of health, fitness and quality of life.

Senior Populations – More and more senior citizens want to maintain or improve their fitness, enjoy an active lifestyle and take care of their health. We know that exercise preserves and protects your health, and promotes physical and mental well-being. As a trainer working specifically with senior citizens, you'll be able to offer this extraordinary preventive treatment to your clients.

Lower Back – Relieve 80% of the population? Mission… not impossible. Thanks to this focused training, you will be able to relieve and even prevent back pain. And your clients will be extremely grateful.

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BLACKROLL Personal Trainer's Set

We created a high-quality Personal Trainer's set to help you get started. The set is composed of must-have tools that belong in any trainer's arsenal. We use the same tools in our courses.

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Conditions of participation

To enrol on the course, you must hold a certificate/qualification attesting to basic knowledge of anatomy and training methods. Should you have any questions regarding the prerequisites, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

You must be at least 18.