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Jetske Geerts


While growing up, sports has always been part of my life. Although I developed a huge passion for dancing, the decision to study physical education was evident. During my studies as well as during my dance education, I started to see the importance of an optimal diet to achieve good results. The choice to study nutrition and dietetics was therefore quickly made. After spending hours with the physiotherapist after a serious knee injury, I concluded that sport-specific training only is not enough to prevent injuries. I wanted to be able to go deeper into this and have thus arrived at the personal training path. This sector turned out to have everything I was looking for and could fascinate me as much as dancing. Together with a colleague I founded 'Revosport', where physiotherapy, nutrition and personal training are under one roof. I still try to train as much as possible to be able to guide not only the athlete, but everyone with a certain goal as well as possible. It is a stimulating learning school in which I can combine the two most important pillars, nutrition and exercise, in one concept to achieve the best possible results and to allow people to (re) move / exercise in a responsible manner.

Experience and training

Master of science in de Lichamelijke Opvoeding en Bewegingswetenschappen Universiteit Gent, 2007
Bachelor in de voedings- en dieetkunde Odisee Gent, 2012
Instructeur B dans Bloso, 2009
Herborist Syntra Oudenaarde, 2012
Bijscholing sportvoeding Universiteit Gent, 2012
Personal Trainer, NASM Physical Coaching Academy, 2015
Blessurepreventie en prestatieverbetering bij harlopers Smarteducation, Gent, 2016
FAT-Tool Human motion, Nederland, 2016
How to train women and the female athlete UP fitness, Londen, 2016
Program design and periodisation YPSI (Wolfgang Unsöld), Brussel, 2016
Nutriënts, hormones and the nervous system YPSI (Wolfgang Unsöld), Brussel, 2016
biomechanical tap/ dynamic tape MSP, Nederland, 2016
YPSI semi-private internship YPSI (Wolfgang Unsöld), Stuttgart, 2016
Movement Analysis & Injury Pre-/Rehabilitation YPSI (Wolfgang Unsöld), Stuttgart, 2017
Sportspecific Training & Business YPSI (Wolfgang Unsöld), Stuttgart, 2017

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Pre- and postnatal training
Functional Training
Coaching Mental
Personal Training
Sport specific training
Gain muscle mass
Small group training
Weight loss

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