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Ken Van den Eeden


I have been working in the fitness industry for 15 years. During my training as a physical education teacher I got the chance to start working in a test and rehabilitation center. I took this opportunity with both hands because it was a dream for me. By working in the center with physiotherapists, I gained a lot of knowledge in the field of rehabilitation and testing and screening of top athletes. Because of the training in paramedical training therapy that I followed at Leo Wouters’, my knowledge in rehabilitation was expanded even further. After 3 years I started working at BodyMove, which had then just opened its doors. I worked full-time for 7 years. The rest of my time I spent on personal training, mainly conditional training and strength training. Since 2012 I have made personal training my full-time job and I started specializing in nutrition. As a personal trainer, it is very important to stay abreast of the latest developments in the field of fitness, which is why I regularly take a new course or further training to broaden my knowledge.

Experience and training

Personal Trainer Functional Body Hasselt,
Master in club management SLIM, 2008
Master Training Kinesis Technogym,
Instructeur spinning Schwinn,
Workshop Kettlebell training DKA,
Equal but not the same C.H.E.K Institute,
Advanced swissball rehabilitation C.H.E.K Institute,
Dynamic medicine ball training C.H.E.K Institute,
Program design CHEK institute,
Advanced program designing C.H.E.K Institute,
Scientific CORE conditioning C.H.E.K Institute,
Scientific back training C.H.E.K Institute,
Thérapie médicale MTT,
Fitness instructor B Syntra,
Ultimate 6 Therapy Coach ,
Master in fitness AALO,
Crossfit level 1 instructor Los Angeles, USA,
CHEK Practitioner 1 Los Angeles, USA,
NASM Certified Personal Trainer Physical Coaching Academy,
Precision nutrition coach ,
Certified bioprint practitioner Charles Poliquin,
Mobility WOD course Kelly Starret,
Olympic weightlifting course Karen Tovmasjan,
PICP Level 1 Charles Poliquin,
PICP Level 2 Charles Poliquin,
YPSI Trainer A Wolfgang Unsoeld,
Corrective exercise specialist NASM,
Advanced coaching Academy Phil Learney,
Advanced supplementation and nutrition UK,
Preparing the physique athlete Clean and health (AUS),
Training the female athlete Ultimate performance,
Rehabilitation tools Peter Lundgren,

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Personal Training
Sport specific training
Gain muscle mass
Weight loss

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