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Dan Hunter


I have had a strong bond with sport from a very young age and it has only grown stronger since I became a professional triathlete. I started with my own company Dan Hunter by giving outdoor Bootcamps and in May 2016 opened the DH Transformation Center. I developed my own training method because I felt that the existing methods were too limited. I strongly believe in continuous training not only for myself and my team, but for every coach. Since the beginning of 2017 I started at the Physical Coaching Academy as trainer of the Nutrition courses, my domain of expertise.

Experience and training

Bachelor's Degree, Marketing / Marketing Management EPHEC, 2004 to 2007
Precision Nutrition Level 1 ,
Bodytype Nutrition ,
American Council on Exercise (Personal Trainer) ,
Crossfit Level 1 ,
Strength Sensei ,
YPSI (Program Design) ,

Spoken languages



Personal Training
Small group training
Weight loss

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