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They already have chosen for Physical Coaching Academy and love to share there experiences with you:

Jasper Sijtsema

My name is Jasper Sijtsema and I am a movement scientist and sports psychologist. After graduating, I wanted to set up a company as a sports psychologist and personal trainer, because I am convinced that attention for both; mental and physical level is essential for achieving sporting goals. I like working with people and I can spend my creativity + make a training for every level. I did not have much practical experience after my university education, I wanted to follow a personal trainer training. 

The Physical Coaching Academy NASM CPT training was a very pleasant combination between theory and practice. I have learned to make personal training programs for my clients. By paying attention to posture and movement, I now understand what someone needs. I also received advice during the training about working as a self-employed. For example, the NASM CPT training has given me professional and my company a boost.

My advice if you would like to start as a Personal Trainer; make sure before you start to feel comfortable with the theory and find your own way to apply this in practice. If you become good at this, it is easier to explain to your clients why you do certain exercises with them.

Alexandru Ludovic Pap-Anghel

My fitness journey began in 2005 when I was accepted as a student at the National Academy of Physical Education and Sports in Bucharest, Romania. Following on, in 2007, I have started a family business, called Fitness Factory, in Ploiesti, Romania, a small gym, which is still open to costumers today. I have worked there both as a fitness instructor and a personal trainer with managerial responsibilities. Later on, in 2014 I was offered a Physical Fitness Consultant position at Saudi Aramco, the one of the leading Oil & Gas companies in the world. From 2014-2017 I have offered my services to their Department of Fire Protection throughout the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. From 2017 I wanted to develop my knowledge in the fitness industry and this is when I decided to contact Physical Coaching Academy.

I found both courses completed at Physical Coaching Academy: the NASM Certified Personal Trainer (CPT) & Corrective Exercise Specialist (CES) to be what I was actually aiming for. Firstly, I have chosen the NASM CPT program because I wanted to obtain an internationally recognized certification in the fitness industry. I’ve completed The NASM CPT in 2017 @ the Physical Coaching Academy, Summer-school. The CPT program offers one of the most comprehensive
sources of what a Personal Trainer should be delivering to their clients. Further on, at the start of 2018, I have opted to follow the CES program to broaden my knowledge on postural correction for my clients. I am currently offering services as a Personal Trainer to my clients and studying to obtain the CES certification.

Both teachers, Jurgen and Niels delivered a clear message and are great fitness mentors that possess valuable knowledge.

I highly recommend both NASM certifications to any fitness enthusiastthat wants to become a certified personal trainer and to obtain high quality standardized education.

Galimir Dilkin

I’ve loved training all my life and tried as much as I could – martial arts, team sports, kickbox, gym training, yoga, calisthenics – anything to challenge my comfort zone and physical ability. All these experiences have only made me want to open up this world of movement to others because it can truly be a blast.

I chose to follow the NASM CPT course by Physical Coaching Academy because of the strong focus on corrective exercises in the Stabilization phase of the NASM protocol. With the increasing level of deconditioning of modern society people that want to work on their health and fitness need to start carefully and make sure they address their muscle and posture imbalances before they push themselves. This philosophy is central to the course and was great to learn.

My advice for aspiring trainers is to learn – learn as much as you can. There are so many different topics you can dive into and unfortunately – quite a lot of bad information out there. Pick your learning carefully but when you come across a serious course like NASM CPT – try to make the most of it and absorb as much as possible. Also – do an internship as soon as possible. Best way to learn is to practice.



Rachel Chisholm

I had developed an interest in physical activity while playing sports in highschool and then began to take classes around fitness, health and nutitrion and exercise science. After high school I sign-up form my first gym membership where I soon found a passion for not only training myself but helping and educating my friends on their fitness journey.

Being an expat in the Netherlands and not having a career path before arriving made it really difficult to find work that I would enjoy everyday. Because Physical Coaching Academy offers Certified Personal Training course in English; I was able to turn to my long-time hobby and passion for a new direction in my career – Fitness and Health.

If you would lik to start: learn the basics and learn them well! You may not need that knowledge in everyday in the field, but it builds a strong foundation for continuing learning and for the rest of your career 

Tim Lamens

Originally I am a physiotherapist with a specialization in manual neurotherapy and b-e-st. therapy. I have also been very active in the fitness world for 8 years and have followed various programs. At the moment I have my own practice where you can go for physiotherapy, manual neurotherapy, b-e-st. therapy, exercise therapy, personal training, nutrition and dietary advice, exercise tests, sports coaching, screening, ....

The NASM ™ model fits perfectly with my daily practice: a method that ensures a clear, correct structure, based on human anatomy - biomechanics and where own experiences remain usable. The novice athlete, experienced recreationist, professional athlete and those who need rehabilitation can be helped by applying the NASM ™ OPTTM (Optimum Performance Training) model.

This course is highly recommended for anyone who wants to stand out as Personal Trainer, physiotherapist, sport coach, ....

I would like to thank Fabrice Williquet, the founder of Physical Coaching Academy. Thanks to him, the bar was very high, not only because of the exam pressure and the obligatory self-study but also because of the composition of the first Belgian NASM-PT training group I was allowed to take part in: top trainers with top experiences. It was simply "OUT OF THE BOX" !!!

Bjorn Poels

It was during a course in the Netherlands that a co-therapist physiotherapist suggested that I follow the NASM ™ CPT at Physical Coaching Academy. A few weeks later, I signed up for this new adventure.

As a sports carer at football club KRC Genk, I learned in a few months what I can perfectly apply while guiding young talents on their way to the first team.

The drive and motivation of the course participants was addictive! Everyone wanted only one thing: becoming a NASM ™ Personal Trainer. The teacher Marjolein taught us the tricks of the trade, sent in a very focused and efficient way and made sure that we all (!) Achieved the NASM certificate at the end of the ride!

Kudos to the organization. Keep up the good work, I'm a fan!

Geert Lammertijn

For me active as a Personal Trainer, after having already followed many trainings (FMS / TRX / Trigger Points, ...), I was still looking for a solid training model that was accurate but with enough room for flexibility. After I had learned about the NASM ™ Personal Trainer training at Physical Coaching academy, my gut feeling told me to follow this training program.

This investment turned out to be the right choice: a spirited teacher and fascinating interactions with a field of participants from different sectors, provided a great added value!

Obtaining my NASM ™ certificate has provided more recognition and increased my credibility and recognition as Personal Trainer. Since then, all our Personal Trainers have been trained based on the OPTTM model by Physical Coaching Academy and we use the same method. This simplifies communication between us.

Congratulations and thanks to Physical Coaching Academy. After many years there are some who have had the courage to take the initiative: to set up a platform with the possibility to follow recognized training programs and thus optimize the quality of the services in the workplace, ... FINALLY!

Julie François

After working for 6 years as a physiotherapist, I decided to make my passion (sport) my profession! I have discovered Physical Coaching Academy and the NASM ™ program in a few clicks on the Internet, and have not hesitated for a minute to sign up for training as a NASM ™ certified Personal Trainer.

During the training, I met great people: top trainers, with a critical mind who are open to the knowledge and experiences of their "students", a clear and exact technique / methodology. The "students" came from everywhere (Marseille, Strasbourg, Brussels, Liège, Chimay, ...). This created a nice energy in the group, in which we supported each other during the training!

For me, Physical Coaching Academy is one big FAMILY with a huge amount of positive attitude, understanding and availability. They are ready when we need them and are especially proud to see us grow step by step! I would say "YES" without hesitation if someone asked me to do it.

To the future students: "Do not hesitate and sign up! The trainers are very complete, qualitative, enriching and above all you will be assisted by real professionals! Together with the motivated students, form a team that is important and motivating to move forward ! "

Thanks again to the whole team for this beautiful adventure that just started for me.

Antoine Houssière

I followed the basic training program "Physical Trainer" at Physical Coaching Academy by Niels and I can only reccomend you to follow this course.

In addition to the quality of the infrastructure, I greatly appreciated the professionalism and didactic skills of the trainers at the Academy.

Patience, insight, understanding, adaptation, ... have helped us to master all the material but also to share our passion for fitness and wellness with each other.

I am very enthusiastic and look forward to following other courses at Physical Coaching Academy.

Leona Reading

Thanks to Physical Coaching Academy I have found and followed my dream program: a very qualitative education with an internationally recognized diploma, a team of top trainers who are always available.

During the lessons there was a good atmosphere, with fellow students who were eager to learn. All this with an eye for precision and accuracy to train us to become real professionals.

The training requires a lot of time and investment. It is nice that the teachers are always there for you to help you and answer questions. The feeling that you are supported is a real plus.

With thanks to Fabrice, Paulien, Julien and Niels for their good reception and support, even to abroad. It was a great experience for me!

Nicolas Demey

I had been active as a running coach for several years and I wanted to develop myself further in this industry! With my Economics diploma in my pocket, I obviously did not have the necessary knowledge in the field of sports and health.

I have long doubted and was looking for a good education. At Physical Coaching Academy, I finally found the training that provides a good basis to coach in a professional and optimal way (this is not easy to find, as the many "programs" that are offered on the market).

Physical Coaching Academy has taught me a lot more than just the basics! Thanks to the experience, methodology and coaching of the trainers, I am now Personal Trainer at one of the biggest clubs in Brussels!

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