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Jasper Sijtsema

My name is Jasper Sijtsema and I am a movement scientist and sports psychologist. After graduating, I wanted to set up a company as a sports psychologist and personal trainer, because I am convinced that attention for both; mental and physical level is essential for achieving sporting goals. I like working with people and I can spend my creativity + make a training for every level. I did not have much practical experience after my university education, I wanted to follow a personal trainer training. 

Alexandru Ludovic Pap-Anghel

My fitness journey began in 2005 when I was accepted as a student at the National Academy of Physical Education and Sports in Bucharest, Romania.

Galimir Dilkin

I’ve loved training all my life and tried as much as I could – martial arts, team sports, kickbox, gym training, yoga, calisthenics – anything to challenge my comfort zone and physical ability. All these experiences have only made me want to open up this world of movement to others because it can truly be a blast.

Rachel Chisholm

I had developed an interest in physical activity while playing sports in highschool and then began to take classes around fitness, health and nutitrion and exercise science. After high school I sign-up form my first gym membership where I soon found a passion for not only training myself but helping and educating my friends on their fitness journey.

Arnor Angeli


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