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F.A.Q. - Frequently Asked Questions


We strive to display the most common questions and answers on this page. We hope that this information will help you in your search for the right training program. We remain at your disposal for any questions regarding our Academy and / or our study programs. Do not hesitate to contact us by mail or telephone.

Do the diplomas issued by Physical Coaching Academy have a validity period?

It goes without saying that every health professional must continue to invest in their personal development and must keep on updating themselves. That is why both NASM and Europe Active limit the validity of their diplomas. To extend the validity of the diploma, the certified personal trainer must be able to demonstrate that he has coAs a NASM Personal Trainer, you must attend 20 hours of training every 2 years (equivalent to 2.0 Continuous Education Units).mpleted a certain number of hours of training at a recognized training facility.
As a NASM Personal Trainer, you must attend 20 hours of training every 2 years (equivalent to 2.0 Continuous Education Units).
Europe Active requires an additional 10 hours of training every year.

The list of training courses recognized by these organizations can be found on their website.

Physical Coaching Academy offers various specializations that you can use to extend the validity of your diploma. If you have questions about the content of the training programs and / or the validity of your diploma, do not hesitate to contact us.

There are several training programs on the market, how do I choose the course that suits me best?

There are three things that you should consider when making the choice of your education:

1- Your professional goals

Physical Coaching Academy offers specific training programs that are intended for Personal Trainers, Physical Trainers and other health professionals. If your ambition is to work as a group trainer, it is better to contact an organization that specializes in this subject.

 2- The quality of the content of the course you choose

A Personal Trainer is first and foremost a health expert and someone who has the right knowledge to optimally support their clients. Before you learn how to coach someone, it is necessary to have a basic knowledge of anatomy, training and biomechanics. The Physical Coaching Academy uses a progressive and scientifically based training model developed by NASM that has been thoroughly tested on thousands of people and many top athletes.

 3- The validity of the diploma that the training institution issues at the end of the training program

Many institutions that provide sports training, issue a certificate of participation or certification at the end of the training program, without the participant having passed an exam. The value of such a document is very doubtful, because only attending the training days is equal to "passing". The training programs offered by Physical Coaching Academy are concluded by an exam (theoretical and / or practical), which gives the diploma a fair value on the market. In addition, we constantly invest in the recognition of all our training programs. Our "Physical Trainer" and "NASM Personal Trainer" programs are both recognized at European level by Europe Active and EREPs. We also strive to have our courses systematically recognized by NASM and Europe Active, so that certified coaches can follow additional training programs and thus extend the validity of their diploma.

What are the career prospects if I have obtained my NASM Personal Trainer certificate once?

The sport and health sector is booming in Europe and there is an increasing demand for qualified Personal Trainers.

As a Personal Trainer you can carry out your profession in various ways:

1- Employed (having a job)

You can start working as a clerk in an existing sports organization (fitness club, Personal Training studio or sports club). In that case, there is an employment contract between you and your employer.

2- As a self-employed person

You can also start as a self-employed person (or start a business), considering that you must have a basic knowledge of business management to be able to carry out an independent activity. When starting up your own company, a lot of things come to mind. Physical Coaching Academy helps you with this by providing the Essentials of Sales & Marketing training program.

As a self-employed person, you are free to open your own Personal Training Studio and / or coach your clients at home.

Many chains / fitness clubs also work with independent Personal Trainers. In that case, generally the club where you are going to work will ask you for a monthly fee (sometimes referred to as rent) to be able to offer your services to its customers. Some clubs do not ask for a monthly fee but receive a percentage of the turnover of each Personal Trainer.

3- As a freelancer

In the beginning of their career, some Personal Trainers start their activities as a freelancer combined with a job in paid employment. If the activities are not recognized as an enterprise with tax liability or employment, but the work is profitable, the tax authorities will rule these activities as income from other work. The tax authorities calculate your result as if you were an entrepreneur. But you are not entitled to certain facilities, such as the self-employment deduction, arbitrary depreciation or the investment allowance.

Physical Coaching Academy is regularly approached by chains / fitness clubs that are looking for certified Personal Trainers. By creating your profile on our website in the search engine you increase your visibility on the market. This service is offered free of charge to anyone who is minimum EREPS level 4 certified via Physical Coaching Academy.

For more information about starting up your business, you can visit the website of the Tax Authorities or follow our training program Essentials of Sales & Marketing.

If you are looking for a job in this sector, we advise you to regularly keep an eye on our Facebook page and blog. We regularly post vacancies from the fitness industry.

I intend to work abroad as a Personal Trainer in the future, what about the recognition of my diploma?

The diplomas awarded by the Physical Coaching Academy, after passing the examinations, of the "Physical Trainer" and "NASM Personal Trainer" courses are recognized at European level by the organization Europe Active and give you access to the EREPs register (level 3 for the Physical Trainer training and level 4 for the NASM Personal Trainer training).

Discover below the interview with Julian Berriman (Director of the Professional Standards Committee) who explains what Europe Active represents and the importance for a Personal Trainer to be EREPs certified.

The NASM Personal Trainer certification is internationally renowned and the diplomas awarded by the Physical Coaching Academy are the same as those issued in the United States.

We strongly recommend that you contact the authorities in the country of destination as each country has its own rules and regulations.

Do not hesitate to contact us in case of doubt.

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