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Personal Training was introduced to the public 20 years ago in Europe by the big fitness chains. Since the profession is neither recognized nor protected in different countries of the European Union, there are trainers at work with a big difference in education and experience.

Today, the needs of clients, from the housewife to the top athlete, are more and more specific. It is expected that the knowledge and skills of the personal trainer guarantee the quality of service and the achievement of the set objectives.

This means that the level of knowledge and skills of the personal trainer must match these specific needs. After all, the client trusts that the formulated objectives will be met.

There are numerous courses available for the aspiring "Personal Trainer". All with different content, different duration and different price levels. Unfortunately, some of these courses do not have official recognition from supervisory authorities in the health and sports sector.

In any case, and regardless of their academic and professional background, every Personal Trainer will have to invest in their personal development and keep on updating themselves to remain competitive in their profession.


Physical Coaching Academy has the mission to contribute to the professionalization of the health and sports sector by offering an (inter)nationally recognized portfolio of training programs to professionals in the sector that meet the needs of the clients.

Physical Coaching Academy has the ambition to become a leader in training and supporting the professionals in the health and sports sector (sports coaches, personal trainers and physical trainers).


Physical Coaching Academy:

Φ offers an extensive range of high-quality training programs for professionals in the sports and health sector.

Φ has developed several specializations for coaches who want to specialize in a specific field, and want to distinguish themselves from the competition, by offering the best quality of service in the sector.

Φ follows trends and market developments to constantly adapt and continue to improve the offered training programs.

Φ has a database and makes a search engine available to individuals who want to use the services of a Personal Trainer certified with us.

Φ facilitates the creation of a European network between the professional certified personal trainers who wish to share their knowledge and experience.

Φ only works with qualified partners who are recognized by the sector.

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