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NASM™ Personal Trainer

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In addition to being one of the world's most renowned courses and the number 1 Personal Trainer training program in America, the NASM ™ Essentials for Personal Training program meets the European quality standards (EQF).

If you have successfully completed this program, you can also register as a Personal Trainer (EQF level 4) at EREPS (European Register of Exercise Professionals). The registration in the EREPS register guarantees quality and professionalism and opens many doors within the sports sector.

EREPS is recognized by Europe Active (the European umbrella organization in Sports and Health).

You learn about scientific backgrounds and practical methods to be able to test and measure in the right way to put together individual programs.

The knowledge you acquire provides a systematic and customized approach for everyone. The latest scientific insights and programs are tested both in laboratory settings and in practice by the National Academy of Sports Medicine (USA) before being included in our courses.



Successful trainers are NASM ™ certified.

The model was developed by NASM ™ and is called Optimum Performance Training (OPT). It is based on the scientific guidelines and principles of physical education. Each phase within the (OPT) model is constructed in such a way that it provides every client with a systematic structure that can make progress in respect of every personal goal. The model also considers specific, personal needs.

The total duration of the training is divided over 12 weeks (3-4 months) and consists of 9 teaching days in which theory and practice are alternated and 2 examination days. The schedule of training days is such that every student has sufficient time to study the offered subject matter and to test it in practice.

During the course, each student will have to complete 20 hours of internship under the supervision of a certified Personal Trainer.



- Introduction of the OPT model

- Health Promotion, Building a plan and delivering PT, Technology

- Basic principles of exercise physiology and movement theory

- Functional movement and posture analysis (assessment)

- Flexibility Training A



- Analysis of the most important compensations

- Flexibility Training B

- Cardiovascular training



- Core training

- Balance training

- Reactive (plyometric) training



- SAQ training (Speed, Agility, Quickness)

- Resistance training (strength)



- Training variables in phase I of the OPT model (stabilization)

- Create a program in phase I.

- Coaching in phase I



- Training variables in phase II, III and IV of the OPT model (endurance strength, hypertrophy and maximum strength)

- Create a program in phases II, III and IV

- Coaching in phase II, III and IV



- Training variables in phase V of the OPT model (strength)

- Create a program in phase V

- Coaching in phase V

- Psychosocial aspects of Personal Training: behavioral change in Training and Nutrition



- Essentials of nutrition

- Macronutrients

- Thermodynamics

- Altering Body Composition and improve Sports Performance

- Medical conditions and nutrition



- Developing a Successful Personal Training Business

- Legal requirements and advices

- Starting your Business

- Sales solves everything

- Keep you clients



- Knowledge test and case study





All students need to complete a minimum of 20 supervised hours of internship with a certified Personal Trainer.


The following study materials are available at the start of the course for the participants; after payment of the full registration fee.
- the slides and other documents are available via our website in PDF version and can be downloaded by the participants.
- the textbook: NASM ™ Essentials or Personal Fitness Training - 6th edition (in English)
- access to the online resources offered by NASM ™ on the site: videos, webinars, exercises in preparation for the written exam in the form of a quiz, etc.



The program is concluded with two theoretical exams and one practical exam. You must be in possession of a valid CPR/AED card to be able to take the exams. During the course, each student will have to complete 20 hours of internship under the supervision of a certified Personal Trainer.

Theoretical exams
- The "NASM ™ international exam" (120 minutes): 100 online multiple-choice questions in English provided by Physical Coaching Academy.
- Case study (90 minutes). You receive the data and test results from a fictitious customer. Based on this information, you must prepare an individual and personalized training program that complies with the guidelines of the OPT model.

Practical exam PCA Personal Trainer 
The exam consists of giving a Personal Training session that meets the set guidelines and the methodology of the OPT model. You need to bring a client who is not NASM Certified (or following the NASM course). The client needs to be able to execute all exercises.

In case you do not pass:
* The "NASM ™ international exam" can be retaken twice and at no extra cost. In case of an extra resit, an amount of € 250,- will be charged.
* The case study can be retaken a second (and last time) without additional costs.
* In case of a resit of the practical exam (maximum 1 resit), € 150, - will be charged as exam costs.

In any case, you have a maximum period of 6 months from the last day of the training program to take your exams. Otherwise you cannot take an exam after this period.

NCCA Accredited Exam
For people that specifically want to obtain a certificate that is recognized in the United States (for example to work there), it is possible to take the "NCCA Accredited Exam". For this exam an additional fee of € 125,- is charged on top of the price of the training program. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information on this subject.



- After passing the multiple-choice exam, you will receive the "NASM ™ international certificate". As a NASM certified Personal Trainer, your certificate must be extended every two years. This encourages every coach to continue investing in further training and to obtain at least 2.0 CEUs (Continuing Education Units). It is now possible to extend the validity of your NASM certificate for life.

- After passing your case study and practical exam, you will receive the Physical Coaching Academy diploma that gives you access to the EREPS register (level 4).



The minimum requirement to participate in this training program is to be in possession of an EQF Level 3 / Fitness Instructor certificate, or any other education that meets the same standards. Also, there must be valid proof of practical experience as a Fitness Instructor.
If you do not have the required prior knowledge, you can start following the preparatory Physical Trainer program. After passing this exam you can participate in the NASM™ Personal Trainer program. If you have any doubts about the required prior knowledge, please feel free to contact us.

You must be at least 18 years old and in possession of a valid CPR/AED card to take part in the exams.



The costs of this training program are € 2.495, - (including all study materials and exams). You can also pay the course in 2 installments of € 1.312,50 (the course then costs € 2.625, -).

Participants that have (successfully) completed the basic Physical Trainer Trainer program in the previous year, enjoy a discount of € 125,- on the fees for the NASM ™ training program.

The total amount due for the registration must be paid no later than 7 calendar days before the start of the training program.



Classes take place between 9:00 and 17:00.


Φ NASM Certified Personal Trainer SUMMER SCHOOL

During the summer months, it is possible to participate in the NASM ™ SUMMER SCHOOL and obtain your NASM Personal Trainer certificate over Summer.

The SUMMER SCHOOL program is a shortened program, whereas the 9 course days are consecutively scheduled, instead of 1 course day a week.


Φ NASM Certified Personal Trainer BLENDED LEARNING

The training consists of 9 course days. The first 6 (theoretical) course days are given online by Webinar. After the theoretical part, 3 days with practice.



View our calendar, make your choice and complete the registration form.

After processing your registration, in the final weeks before the start of the program as well as on the first training day, you will receive more detailed information regarding the run of the training program.


NASM™ Personal Trainer - Paris - Start 09/2021 (6 premiers jours en ligne et 3 journées pratiques à Paris) - Basic-Fit Nanterre - FR

  • Courses dates: 11/09/2021, 12/09/2021, 16/10/2021, 17/10/2021, 13/11/2021, 14/11/2021, 28/11/2021, 11/12/2021, 12/12/2021
  • |
  • Theory exam: 27/11/2021
  • |
  • Practice exam : 18/12/2021

Registrations for this session are closed

NASM™ Personal Trainer - Antwerpen - Start 09/2021 - JIMS Fitness Berchem - NL

  • Courses dates: 13/09/2021, 20/09/2021, 27/09/2021, 04/10/2021, 11/10/2021, 18/10/2021, 08/11/2021, 15/11/2021, 22/11/2021
  • |
  • Theory exam: 29/11/2021
  • |
  • Practice exam : 13/12/2021

Registrations for this session are closed

NASM™ Personal Trainer - Bruxelles - Start 09/2021 - B.SPORTS - FR

  • Courses dates: 19/09/2021, 03/10/2021, 10/10/2021, 17/10/2021, 24/10/2021, 14/11/2021, 21/11/2021, 28/11/2021, 05/12/2021
  • |
  • Theory exam: 13/12/2021
  • |
  • Practice exam : 16/01/2022

3 remaining places

NASM™ Personal Trainer - Gent - Start 10/2021 - JIMS Fitness Overpoort - NL

  • Courses dates: 11/10/2021, 18/10/2021, 25/10/2021, 08/11/2021, 22/11/2021, 29/11/2021, 06/12/2021, 13/12/2021, 20/12/2021
  • |
  • Theory exam: 10/01/2022
  • |
  • Practice exam : 24/01/2022

4 remaining places

NASM™ Personal Trainer - Liège - Start 10/2021 - JIMS Fitness Liège - FR

  • Courses dates: 22/10/2021, 29/10/2021, 12/11/2021, 19/11/2021, 26/11/2021, 03/12/2021, 10/12/2021, 17/12/2021, 24/12/2021
  • |
  • Theory exam: 14/01/2022
  • |
  • Practice exam : 21/01/2022

12 remaining places

NASM™ Personal Trainer - Hasselt - Start 11/2021 - I-Fitness Hasselt - NL

  • Courses dates: 08/11/2021, 15/11/2021, 22/11/2021, 29/11/2021, 06/12/2021, 13/12/2021, 20/12/2021, 10/01/2022, 24/01/2022
  • |
  • Theory exam: 31/01/2022
  • |
  • Practice exam : 14/02/2022

11 remaining places

NASM™ Personal Trainer - Antwerpen - Start 11/2021 - JIMS Fitness Berchem - NL

  • Courses dates: 13/11/2021, 20/11/2021, 27/11/2021, 04/12/2021, 11/12/2021, 15/01/2022, 29/01/2022, 05/02/2022, 12/02/2022
  • |
  • Theory exam: 04/03/2022
  • |
  • Practice exam : 12/03/2022

7 remaining places

NASM™ Personal Trainer - Luxembourg - Start 10/2021 - Factory 4 - FR

  • Courses dates: 14/11/2021, 21/11/2021, 28/11/2021, 04/12/2021, 05/12/2021, 11/12/2021, 12/12/2021, 18/12/2021, 19/12/2021
  • |
  • Theory exam: 14/01/2022
  • |
  • Practice exam : 29/01/2022

14 remaining places

NASM™ Personal Trainer - Bruxelles - Start 12/2021 - B.SPORTS - FR

  • Courses dates: 03/12/2021, 17/12/2021, 24/12/2021, 14/01/2022, 21/01/2022, 04/02/2022, 11/02/2022, 18/02/2022, 25/02/2022
  • |
  • Theory exam: 11/03/2022
  • |
  • Practice exam : 18/03/2022

9 remaining places

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