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Functional Fascia Training

1 day
€ 250
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Why incorporate work on the fascia into your training sessions? 

Because, quite simply, it's the largest tissue in the human body: it contains muscles, bones, organs, nerves and blood vessels. A healthy, flexible fascia makes for better mobility. Working on the fascia, and in particular myofascial tissue, is therefore essential for athletic performance, but also for the quality of life of clients suffering from aches and pains. No wonder it's gained so many fans…

This course combines scientific and practical knowledge. It covers the fascial structures and the vital role they play in muscle function. Drawing on the latest research, you'll understand the impact of the myofascial function, as well as the effects of myofascial damage. 

You'll learn how to assess the functioning of the fascial structures and the most important myofascial chains. You'll be able to apply capable eight techniques to improve the functioning and accelerate the recovery of myofascial tissue.  You'll learn how to incorporate these techniques, among others, using various Blackroll tools, in your training programs.

Fascia work helps achieve better functional control and build strength and power, while reducing the risk of injury. It's becoming increasingly popular among sports pros and athletes, but also a wider audience, who want to be able to prevent or ease aches and pains.

Understand a part of the human body which is essential to good mobility.

- Understand the anatomical structure and the functional importance of myofascial tissues to function and recovery.

- Be able to incorporate myofascial treatment techniques into programs based on a series of tests in order to ensure maximum effectiveness.

- Be able to assess and treat the most important myofascial lines in order to achieve optimum ROM (Range Of Motion), strength and performance potential.

1 day of lessons, alternating between theory and practical sessions.



- Latest scientific research on the fascia

- Structure and functional importance of the fascia

- 8 treatment techniques

- Using special tools on different myofascial tissues

- Assessing and treating myofascial lines


You must be at least 18 years old.



At the end of the day, you’ll receive an attendance certificate.

Our workshops have a practical focus. The aim is for you to master, in one day, new training tools and methodologies. We ask that you actively participate so that we can issue your attendance certificate at the end of the workshop.



The costs of this workshop are € 250, - (including all study materials).
The payment must be received before the start of the workshop.



The workshop lasts from 9:30 to 15:30. In the weekend, the workshop lasts from 10:00 to 16:00.



View our calendar, make your choice and complete the registration form.

After processing your registration, in the final weeks before the start of the program as well as on the first training day, you will receive more detailed information regarding the run of the training program.


Functional Fascia Training - Brussel - 24/09/2022 - B.SPORTS - NL

  • Courses dates: 24/09/2022

12 remaining places

Functional Fascia Training - Bruxelles - 03/12/2022 - B.SPORTS - FR

  • Courses dates: 03/12/2022

12 remaining places

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