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Essentials of Mental Coaching

3 days
€ 995
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Mental coaching is, besides attention to physical training and nutrition, the most essential pillar for achieving sustainable results with your client. It is a powerful tool for anyone who wants to increase the chances of achieving goals.

Help your customers become aware of their personal obstacles. Enable them to reduce or eliminate resistances, discover new possibilities and adjust their behavior to achieve set goals.

During this training you will learn to:

- attune your own behavior to the behavior of others;

- be aware of your own behavior and its impact on others;

- to notice and identify the non-verbal signals from your customers;

- recognize the customers motives, or help bring them to light, so that the client is mobilized through their own will;

- deal with resistance;

- recognize, discuss and break down the customers barriers.

The total duration of the program is divided over 4 weeks and consists of 3 lessons in which theory and practice are alternated. The schedule of training days is such that every student has sufficient time to study the offered subject matters and to test them in practice.


Focus on the coach themselves - becoming aware of the importance of norms and values.

- Coaching, what is it?

- Why do people do what they do? The iceberg model.

- What is a 'pattern' and how can you recognize it and change it?

- The importance of being open, honest and curious.

- Discovering your standards and values.


Focus on the interaction between the coach and the customer.

- The basic posture and competences of the coach.

- Empathic listening: what is it and what is the goal?

- The 5 phases in change processes.

- Recognize and remove resistance.


Focus on coaching techniques and practice.

- Guidance in coaching: the GROW model.

- The observation model.

- Role play.

- Self-reflection.


You must be at least 18 years old.



The costs of this training are € 995, - (including all study materials).

Payment must be made before the start of the training program.



Classes take place between 9:30 and 15:30.



View our calendar, make your choice and complete the registration form.

After processing your registration, in the final weeks before the start of the program as well as on the first training day, you will receive more detailed information regarding the run of the training program.


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