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CEUs (Continuing Education Units) 

The importance of "Continuing Education" for a Personal Trainer

As a NASM certified Personal Trainer, your certificate must be renewed every two years. This encourages each coach to continue to invest in additional training and to obtain at least 2.0 CEUs (Continuing Education Units). 1.9 units correspond to 19 hours of training in the following areas: assessment, training techniques, training programs, nutrition, customer relations, etc. The remaining 0.1 unit corresponds to a valid CPR/AED certificate.


Physical Coaching Academy has been recognized by NASM as a "Continuing Education Provider" and offers quality training that allows you to:

Φ Obtain CEUs ;

Φ Renew your NASM CPT certification ;

Φ Improve the quality of your services ;

Φ Increase the ability to attract new customers.

The number of CEUs corresponding to a program are stated on the presentation page of the relevant program.


How can you extend your certification?

There are 2 options to renew your certificate:

- For 2 years: € 125,- excl. VAT

- "Recertify for life"*, in other words "for your entire life": € 250,- excl. VAT.

* In this case you only need to obtain 2.0 CEUs every two years without having to pay extra costs.

Please note: if your certificate has expired for more than 1 year, you are obliged to retake your NASM CPT exams.

The recertification process is managed via the NASM website. Once you are registered with your personal login details, click on the "NASM CPT Recertification Portal" link and follow the instructions. All you have to do is opt for the Physical Coaching Academy as a "Provider" and send a digital version of the various certificates obtained as part of the additional training courses.

Do not hesitate to contact us for any questions regarding obtaining CEUs and the process of recertification.

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