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Assess & Correct

3 days
€ 995
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This training has been developed to support the increasing need of fitness professionals to help people develop a good basis for optimal, injury-free and safe exercise and exercise. Be honest, do you know a customer that immediately moves optimally and does not suffer from anything? Almost every customer, beginner or athlete, benefits from a Personal Trainer that can discover and correct movement limitations.

Assess & Correct offers a screening of 25 tests to analyze movement, supplemented by a clear structure to correct it.

The great added value of this training is that both screening is done for the mobility of active and passive structures, as well as stability in the joints.


After completing the Assess & Correct module, you have developed the necessary knowledge and skills to analyze and correct your client's movements (regardless of their level).

During this 3-day course you learn to critically analyze movement and subdivide it into categories. To then apply the most efficient strategy to correct posture and movement and thus increase the load ability of the customer or athlete!

A screening followed by a clearly followed exercise plan gives a guarantee of results.

The total duration of the program is divided over 4 weeks and consists of 3 lessons in which theory and practice are alternated. The schedule of training days is such that every student has sufficient time to study the offered subject matter and to test it in practice.


- Assess & correct - Theory

- Active structures & passive structures

- Neuroscience

- Assessment - Theory

- Q & A


- Assessment - Practice

- Strategy to correct - Theory

- Q & A


- Strategy to correct - Practice

- Movement prep - Theory

- Case study

- Q & A


The course is concluded with a theoretical exam and an oral exam.

Theoretical exam
Multiple choice 50 questions (90 minutes).

Oral examination

During the oral exam, under the supervision of an examiner, you analyze the movements of a client (based on a case) and propose a correction program.

In case you do not pass, the theoretical exam can be taken a second (and last time) at no extra cost.

In case of resits of the oral exam (maximum 1 resit), € 125, - will be charged.



To be able to participate in this training, you must be in possession of a relevant diploma showing that you have mastered the basic knowledge of Anatomy and Training.

If you have any doubts about the required prior knowledge, please feel free to contact us.

You must be at least 18 years old to take part in the exams.


The costs of this training are € 995, - (including all study materials and exams). You can also pay the course in 2 installments of € 522.50 (the course then costs € 1.045, -).

The total amount due for the registration must be paid no later than 7 calendar days before the start of the course.


Classes take place between 10:00 and 16:00.


View our calendar, make your choice and complete the registration form.

After processing your registration, in the final weeks before the start of the program as well as on the first training day, you will receive more detailed information regarding the run of the training program.


Assess & Correct - Antwerpen - Start 11/2022 - NRG Schoten - NL

  • Courses dates: 19/11/2022, 20/11/2022, 26/11/2022
  • |
  • Theory exam: 10/12/2022

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